Why is the Internet Good for Jewish Jokes?

	If you tell a Frenchman a joke he laughs three times, once when you tell 
	it, the second time when you explain in and the third time when he 
	understands it..
	If you tell an Englishman a joke he laughs twice; once when you tell it, 
	out of politeness and the second time when you explain it, also out of
	politeness but he never really understands it.

	If you tell a German a joke he laughs only once, when you tell it.  His
	sense of pride won't allow you explain it and therefore he will never
	understand it.

	But if you tell a Jew a joke, you get to the third line and he interrupts
	you and says 'my father used to tell it much better', and he goes ahead 
	and tells it, same joke, with a slightly different punchline.

	So on the internet all you have to do is reply to posts on 
	rec.humor.jewish with your father's version of the jokes and that's how 
	you make a newsgroup.


	Michael H.

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