Yom Kippur Service

	There was this farmer who once came to the Yom Kippur service. He noticed 
	that everyone bowed down to the ground with a tallis over their head, 
	during the Aleinu prayer. He asked some people what was going on. The 
	people, being somewhat jokers, answered that during the time they bow 
	down, they take a quick bite to eat.

	So, the next year, the farmer, believing them was prepared. When the
	congregation bowed down, he had a drumstick of chicken ready. When
	everyone got up, the farmer was still down on the ground, tallis over his
	head. Everyone wondered. What this some pious person? So, when he finally
	got up, the rabbi approaches him and asks in a somewhat awed tone, "What's
	going on?"

	The farmer looked quizzicaly at the rabbi and replied, "What? Well, some
	people are fast eaters and some people are slow eaters!"

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