Yiddish Camel

	There is a guy who rides around this town all day on this camel, 
	and then one day he loses his camel and he doesn't know what to
	do.  He looks all over the entire town for the camel but he still 
	can't find it so he goes to the police station and says to the 
	officer "I lost the camel which I always ride on and I don't know what 
	to do."

	The officer looks at him and says, "Sir, can you at least describe 
	the camel to me?"  

	"Not really, there isn't much to describe.  It was an ordinary camel"

	 "Well at least can you tell me whether it was male or female?"

	The guy thinks for a long time and finally he says, "male" 

	The officer looks at him and asks what took him so long to tell that 
	it was male

	"Well at first, I honestly didnt know, but then I remembered that 
	whenever I ride through town everyone always screams out 'hey! look at 
	the shmuck on that camel', so I assumed my camel must be male."

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