Viruses Are Comin' To Town

a parody of the song Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town
New Lyrics by Greg Crowther

		You better watch out;
		You better not sneeze.
		You better not cough,
		'Cause you'll spread a disease....
		Viruses are comin' to town.
		They have many shapes
		And sizes as well,
		But they don't come alive
		'Til they enter a cell....
		Viruses are comin' to town.

		Their protein coat surrounds a core
		Of R- or D-N-A.
		They're so minute, there's not much more
		About them you can say.... Hey!
		They're hard to avoid,
		Though people have tried.
		It's too late now;
		There's nowhere to hide....
		Viruses are comin' to town.

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