Deserted Island

	A hurricane blew across the Caribbean.  It didn't take long for 
	the expensive yacht to be swamped by high waves, sinking 
	without a trace.  There were only two survivors:  the boat's 
	owner Dr. Eskin and its steward Benny who managed to swim 
	to the closest island.  

	After reaching the deserted strip of land, the steward was crying 
	and very upset that they would never be found.  The other man 
	was quite calm, relaxing against a tree.

	"Dr. Eskin, Dr. Eskin, how can you be so calm?" cried the
	Benny.  "We're going to die on this lonely island.  We'll never 
	be discovered here."

	"Sit down and listen to what I have to say, Benny," began 
	the confident Dr. Eskin.  "Five years ago I gave the United Way 
	$500,000. and another $500,000. to the United Jewish Appeal.  
	I donated the same amounts four years ago.  And, three years 
	ago, since I did very well in the stock market, I contributed 
	$750,000. to each.  Last year business was good, so the two 
	charities each got a million dollars."

	"So what?" shouted Benny.

	"Well, it's time for their annual fund drives, and I know they're 
	going to find me,"  smiled Dr. Eskin.

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