You Might Be a Parent of Teens if ...

	your blood pressure is higher than your weekly income.

	you thought "Melrose Place" was a Monopoly property.

	your kids can't stand listening to your 8-tracks.

	your favorite prayer is "Come quickly, Lord Jesus."

	you thought "Smashing Pumpkins" was a Halloween prank.

	your favorite sayings are:
		"When I was your age"
		"Money doesn't grow on trees!"
		"Because I'm your Mother/Father, that's why!"

	You might have a teenage daughter if her curfew is 6PM and she can start
	dating at 28.

	You might have teenage drivers if your car insurance is the same as the
	National Debt.

	You might be a father of teens if you are losing your hair and hearing; and
	lost your patience long ago.

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