Torah Honors

	A gabbai [person who assigns honors in the synagogue] joke for the New Year.

	A man is called up for hagbah [person who lifts the torah scroll after the
	reading is completed], and makes a mess of it; he nearly drops the sefer [torah

	Embarassed by this the man vows that it will never happen again. He
	joins a gym, pumps iron, and builds up a great body.

	About a year later he is called up again. He unrolls the sefer to 6
	columns, executes a perfect hagbah, showing the sefer to all directions,
	sits down wit ha straight back and with perfect control. Hold the scroll
	proudly, he turns to the gabbai and asks "How's that?"

	Gabbai sez - "Not bad for shlishi [The third of seven people called to recite
	blessings over the reading of the torah]."

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