Tooth Fairy Letters

from the Metropolitan Diary in the NEW YORK TIMES March 9, 1998 (page B2)

	Under-the-pillow correspondence between Melanie and the Tooth Fairy on 
	the occasion of the loss of her first baby tooth:

	Feb 14: Dear Tooth Fairy, 
		Thank you for the $1.  Some of my friends got more than $1 for
 		their tooth.  Yours truly, Melanie

	Feb 15: Dear Melanie,
		Some Tooth Fairies have more money than others.  That was the 
		best I could do.   Be a good girl now.

	Feb 16: Dear Tooth Fairy,
		I'm sorry that I asked for more.  Can you give me a picture of 
		yourself to who my friends?

	Feb 17: Dear Melanie,
		I'm sorry, but only Tooth Fairies are allowed to know what other
		Tooth Fairies look like. I'll visit you again soon.

	Feb 18: Dear Tooth Fairy,
		OK.  Your handwriting looks just like the handwriting of Santa 

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