Signs You've Heard the Titanic Soundtrack Too Many Times

by Heather

	10) You can recite all of the tracks on demand
	9)  You cannot go for more than 2 days withouth suffering from Titanic 
		Music withdrawal symptoms.
	8)  You are president of the James Horner fan club
	7)  The ship is sinking in the movie, but you are preoccupied with the
		syncopation in "The Sinking"
	6)  The music gets you through those "rough times"
	5)  You get very defensive when someone wants to "see" the CD
	4)  You cannot fall asleep at night until you hear the soothing sounds 
		of "Hymn to the Sea"	
	3)  Your ears perk up anytime a news magazine show uses Titanic Music in 
	 	the backround.
	2)  You've planned out elaborate dance sequences to each of the numbers
	1)  You know when Celine Dion breathes.

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