It was a hot summer's day, and Luke was in the marina, having a few 
	beers aboard his boat, patriotically named the "Fourth of July." He 
	was waiting for his friend, Opie, to arrive so they could go for a 

	Opie was late, unfortunately, because he had to pick up his wife from 
	her appointment with the obstetrician. Her examinations were cheap 
	because the doctor, a fellow named Juan, was Opie's cousin. Anyway, 
	the appointment went over time, and Opie was late getting to the 

	Luke had been drinking all this time, and was feeling no pain. When he 
	saw Opie finally walking down the pier, he jumped up, staggered to the 
	side of the boat to wave to his friend, and nearly fell in! Opie got 
	there just in time to grab Luke.

	. . . Thus, it was that O. B. Juan's kin, Opie, saved Luke from 
	falling to the dock side of the Fourth.

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