Shiksa Troubles

	There once was a businessman who warned his son against marrying 
	a "shiksa".  

	The son replied, "But she's converting to Judaism."

	"It doesn't matter," the old man said.  "A shiksa will cause problems."
	After the wedding, the father called his son, who was in business 
	with him and asked him why he wasn't at work.  

	"It's Shabbos," the son replied.  

	The father was surprised:  "But we always work on Saturday.  It's our
	busiest day."  

	"I won't work anymore on Saturday," the son insisted, "because my wife
	wants us to go to synagogue on Shabbos."

	"See," the father said, "I told you marrying a Shiksa would cause 

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