Santa's Chanukah

	'T was the night before Chanukah, as it is said
	And Santa was sitting and hocking his head
	He had all the toys wrapped up nice in his zeckel
	For maidlach and boys to give each one a peckel 

	The reindeer were saddled and ready to fly
	Like a crew of brave astronauts all through the sky
	But Santa was starving to eat a good meichel
	Some regular food that would stick to his beichel 

	Not plum cakes or mincemeat or peppermint candy
	But some kosher cooking he thought would be dandy
	So he called to his reindeer, "Hey, kinder, let's go
	To a Jewish balbusta and don't be so slow." 

	The house had no chimney, so he went through the door
	And kissed the mezzuzah and jumped on the floor
	Then the man of the house said, "Santa you devil
	Come on, don't be shy and see our split level 

	The night is still early, there's plenty of zeit
	So come in the den and please have a bite
	If only we knew you were coming, by gosh
	But I'll call out the wife and she'll give you a nosh 

	A slice of stuffed derma, a few little strudels
	Some chicken salami, some flanken with noodles
	Some blintzes, some kreplach, some lox and bialy
	A bissel chopped herring, an end piece of chaleh 

	And if all of these goodies don't fill up your gatkes
	Last but not least, some Chanukah latkes."
	"A latke?" cried Santa, "what is this delight?"
	On the outside it's golden and inside it's white.
	On the outside so crisp and inside it's yummy
	And he gobbled them up 'til he filled his fat tummy.

	Then they gave him a dreidel and showed him the plays
	And he took a menorah to light for eight days
	And to give Santa some spirit and to show how they felt
	For mazel they gave him some Chanukah gelt. 

	He beamed and he chuckled and said "Kine-ahaora,
	I don't want to feel like a Chanukah schnorrer
	To show you how much I enjoyed your Jewish snack
	I'm leaving you everything, even my sack." 

	Then he called to his reindeer and said, "Luz mir gehn."
	And each one got ready as he schlepped on the rein
	"Giddyap Irving, Hoo Ha Sidney, Hi ho Sadie, Let's go Minnie,
	Onward Gussie, Upward Solly, Ole Becky, Oy Vey Molly." 

	And they swore that he yelled as he rode out of sight
	"MERRY LATKES" to all and to all a GOOD NIGHT." 

Very Rough Translations of yiddish: zeckel= bag * maidlach = girl * peckel = coin meichel = meal * beichel = stomach * kinder = children balbusta = lady of the house (usually a very nice description) mezzuzah = Commandments inside a small oblong ornament attached to right side of the door jam zeit = life * nosh = snack * stuffed derma = cow intestines flanken = flank steak blintzes = rolled like a crepe, but stuffed full with fruit & cottage cheese (or something similar) bissel = a little piece * lox = smoked salmon (fish) bialy = kind of roll, sold with bagels * chaleh = bread gatkes = guts * latkes = potato pancakes dreidel = special spinning top, with hebrew letters on the side, used for a game at Chanukah menorah = candle holder for symbolic Chanukah candle lighting mazel = luck gelt = coins schnorrer: cheapskate, typically used to descibe someone who always takes, but never gives anything back

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