Are You Normal?

Supposedly True Facts About Americans

	Only 30% of us can flare our nostrils.

	21% of us don't make our bed daily.  5% of us never do.

	Men do 29% of laundry each week.  Only 7% of women trust their
     		husbands to do it correctly.
	40% of women have hurled footwear at a man.
	85% of men don't use the slit in their underwear.
	67.5% of men were tightie whities (briefs).
	The average bra size today is 36C whereas 10 years ago it was a 34B.
	85% of women wear the wrong bra size.
	3 out of 4 of us store our dollar bills in rigid order with singles 
		leading up to higher denominations.
	13% of us admit to occassionally doing our offspring's homework.
	91% of us lie regularly.
	27% admit to cheating on a test or quiz.
	29% admit they've intentionally stolen something from a store.
	50% admit they regularly sneak food into movie theaters to avoid
     		the high prices of snack foods.
	90% believe in divine retribution.
	10% believe in the 10 Commandments.
	82% believe in an afterlife.
	45% believe in ghosts.
	13% (mostly men) have spent a night in jail.
	29% of us are virgins when we marry.
	58.4% have called into work sick when we weren't.
	10% of us switch tags in the store to pay less for an item.
	Over 50% believe in spanking - but only a child over 2 years old.
	35% give to charity at least once a month.
	How far would you go for $10 million?  25% would abandon their
     		friends, family, and church.  7% would murder.
	69% eat the cake before the frosting.
	When nobody else is around, 47% drink straight from the carton.
	85% of us will eat Spam this year.
	70% of us drink orange juice daily.
	Snickers is the most popular candy.
	22% of us skip lunch daily.
	9% of us skip breakfast daily.
	66% of us eat cereal regularly.
	22% of all restaurant meals include french fries.
	14% of us eat the watermelon seeds.
	Only 13% brush our teeth from side to side.
	45% use mouthwash every day.
	22% leave the glob of toothpaste in the sink.
	The typical shower is 101 degrees F.
	Nearly 1/3 of U.S. women color their hair.
	9% of women and 8% of men have had cosmetic surgery.
	53% of women will not leave the house without makeup on.
	58% of women paint their nails regularly.
	62% of us pop our zits.
	33% of women lie about their weight.
	10% of us claim to have seen a ghost.
	57% have had deja vu.
	49% believe in ESP.
	4 out of 5 of us have suffered from hemorrhoids.
	The average girl starts her period at age 12.
	44% have broken a bone.
	Only 30% of us know our cholesterol level.
	14% have attended a self-help meeting.
	15% regularly go to a shrink.
	78% would rather die quickly than live in a retirement home.
	46.5% of men say they ALWAYS put the seat down after they've used
     		the toilet, yet women claim to ALWAYS find it up.
	30% of us refuse to sit on a public toilet seat.
	54.2% of us always wash our hands after using the toilet.
	23.5% admit they don't always flush.
	45.2% pee in the shower.
	44.9% pee in the ocean.
	28.1% pee in the pool.
	55.2% will let someone else come in the bathroom while they're 
		sitting the toilet.
	39% of us peek in our host's bathroom cabinet.  17% have ever been
     		caught by the host.
	81.3% would tell an acquaintance to zip his pants.
	29% of us ignore RSVP.
	71.6% of us eavesdrop.
	22% are functionally illiterate.
	Less than 10% are trilingual.
	37% claim to know how to use all the features on their VCR.
	53% prefer ATM machines over tellers.
	56% of women do the bills in a marriage.
	2 out of 3 of us wouldn't give up our spouse even for a night for 
		a million bucks.
	20% of us have played in a band at one time in our life.
	40% of us have had music lessons.
	44% reuse tinfoil.
	57% save pretty gift paper to reuse.
	66% of women and 59% of men have used a mix to cook and taken credit 
		for doing it from scratch.
	53% read their horoscopes regularly.
	16% of us have forgotten our own wedding anniversary (mostly men).
	59% of us say we're average-looking.
	Blacks are more than twice as likely to call themselves beautiful.
	90% of us depend on alarm clocks to wake us.
	53% of us would take advice from Anne Landers.
	28% of us have skinny-dipped.  14% with the opposite sex.
	51% of adults dress up for a Halloween festivity.
	On average, we send 38 Christmas cards every year.
	20% of women consider their parents to be their best friends.
	2 out of 5 have married their first love.
	The biggest cause of matrimonial fighting is money.
	Only 4% asked the parents' approval for their bride's hand.
	1 in 5 men proposed on his knees.
	6% propose over the phone.
	71% can drive a stick-shift car.
	45% of us consistantly follow the speed limit.
	2/3 of us speed up at a yellow light.
	1/3 of us don't wear seat belts.
	12% of men never use their car blinkers.
	44% of men tailgate to speed up the person in front of them.
	25% of us drive after we've been drinking.
	4 out of 5 sing in the car.
	The average sexual experience lasts about 39 minutes.
	Men say the average erect penis is 10".  Women say it's 4".
	56% of men have had sex at work.
  	The most common fantasy is oral sex.
	Women buy 4 out of every 10 condoms sold.

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