Rosh Hashanah Poem

		Rosh Hashanah - What's the Rush
		(a Grace before the meal)
		As we gather for this Yontif
		Round the table, Tush to Tush,
		With a fragrant meal before us-
		Pause a moment-What's the rush?
		Let's review the year just ended:
		Fifty-seven fifty-eight
		Contemplate our peccadillos
		(And the good things on our plate)
		Have I given in to Soddom
		Or Gemorah this past year?
		Have I snuggled with an intern
		Causing shpilkas far and near?
		Have I acted like a shnorrer,
		Always asking for a buck?
		Have I gossiped like a Yenta?
		Do my friends think I'm a Schmuck?

		Have I kept in check my ego,
		Sacrificing for the group?
		When my ailing neighbor kvetches
		Do I bring her chicken soup?

		Have I done my share of Mitzvas?
		(I haven't been to Shul a lot)
		Have I tried to be a Mench, or
		Lit the candles on Shabbot?
		Now begin ten days of Penance
		When we face the Judge, by gosh.
		But today's just Rosh Hashanah,
		So enjoy, cause what's the rush!

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