Reform Rabbis Meet Their Maker

	Three Reform Rabbis were in a terrible auto wreck. None survived. One
	minute they were driving along the highway, talking and laughing and
	joking, and the next, BOOM! they were before the creator of all.
	Shaking his head, The Omnipotent One looks at the three.

	"Reform I can understand. But where will it end?"

	"You! Goldblum! The ashtrays in your temple so My people could smoke while
	the Torah was being read? I can live with that. Men are weak, but the Word
	is strong!"

	Goldblum sighed with relief.

	"Bauman! Really, I can accept My people need to eat, but really: Serving
	Ham Sandwiches to the devout at the temple during Yom Kippur?"

	Bauman hung his head in shame.

	"Even that I can allow to pass, even with the eating of that which is not
	Kosher. I'm not pleased at all with the playing fast and loose with my
	people, but I can accept these indiscresions."
	Finally, he turns to the third rabbi and says, "You, on the other hand have
	gone to far! Am I asking too much?  No, you flaunt the world at me, even on
	the holiest days of Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur by putting out a sign
	saying "Closed for the Holiday!"

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