Rabbinical Tales

	Rabbi Akiva Eiger, one of the greatest Torah scholars of his day, would
	invite many poor people to his Seder and did everything he could to make
	them feel at home.   Once, a guest accidentally spilled his cup of wine 
	all over the new white Pesach tablecloth. The poor man became very 

  	Thinking quickly, Rabbi Akiva Eiger knocked over his own cup and
	exclaimed, "It seems that the table is not very steady...!"

                            *****     *****     *****

	Rabbi Israel Salanter would always take charge of the baking of his 
	Matzot.  He supervised the kneading, the rolling of the dough, and the 
	baking, making sure that everything was done properly.   

	One year, before Pesach he became ill and couldn't go to the Matzah 
	bakery.  His students went to supervise the Matzah baking for him.   
	They asked,  "Rabbi, instruct us in what we must be most careful so 
	that the Kashrut of the Matzot will meet your high standards."   

	"If you want my Matzot to be truly kosher for Passover, you should be 
	most careful with the woman who kneads the dough.   She is a poor widow.   
	Make sure you don't scream at her and don't get her upset!" 

                            *****     *****     *****

	Before Pesach, a poor man asked the town Rabbi if he could fulfill his
	obligation of the Four Cups by drinking milk instead of wine because he
	didn't have the money to buy wine for the Seder.

	"The question you asked will need a lot of research", replied the 
	Rabbi, "and since I don't have the time before Pesach, here is twenty 
	five rubles to buy your needs for the holiday".

	After he left, the Rabbi's students asked. "Why did you give him so 
	much? Five rubles would have been enough to buy wine."

	"From his question, whether he can use milk for the Four Cups, I 
	realized that he also had no meat for the Seder! for if he had meat how 
	would he be able to drink milk after meat!  Now, if he has no meat for 
	the Seder, he surely lacks it for the rest of the holiday meals.  
	What's more, his family must be missing many other necessities as well.  
	So I gave him twenty five rubles and hope it's enough...!"

                            *****     *****     *****

	Before Pesach, a poor man came to the wealthy banker Rothchild and said,
	"Mr. Rothchild, I would like to bet you 100 rubles that there is 
	something which I can get and you cannot!  Mr. Rothchild was curious.  
	He put down a crisp 100 ruble note on the table.

	The poor man picked up the 100 ruble note, put it safely in his pocket, 
	and said, "Mr. Rothchild, I can get from the community secretary a 
	letter attesting to the fact that I am in need, so that I can beg for 
	alms.  Can you get one?" 

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