Rabbinical Psychotherapy

	Once upon a time there were no psychoanalysts in this world. In any 
	case there were the Rabbis. So, when somebody had some problems, he 
	went to the Rabbis. Today psychoanalysts have replaced the Rabbis, 
	but sometime the Rabbi is still more skillful than a psychoanalist, 
	as I'll strive to demonstrate.

	Mr Aaron Friedmann had some problems when he wanted to sleep. So he 
	went to Dr. Freud's studio. 

	"Oh, herr Doctor, when I want to sleep, a lot of animals, tigers, 
	elephants, panthers and giraffes go up and down under my bed". 

	"This is terrible" Dr. Freud said "You have to begin a long, long 

	The time goes by: one, two, three, four months. Mr Friedmann cannot 
	sleep. When he wants to sleep, millions of animals, panthers, 
	elephants, etc. go up and down under his bed. Dr Freud is deranged. He 
	uses every sort of therapy: hypnothism, conversation, but none help 
	his problem.  Mr Friedmann  abandons his Doctor.

	The time goes by: one, two, three months, till Dr Freud sees 
	Mr Friedmann. "Mr Friedmann" Freud says "you are crazy! You abandoned 
	a therapy. This is very dangerous. Where have you gone?"

	"Oh Herr Doctor, I'm so happy. I have no more problemes. I have just 
	got married"

	"But your problems...what happened?"

	"When I abandoned you, I went to Rabbi's house. I said 'o Rabbi, 
	I'm deranged. When I want to sleep, elephants, panthers, giraffes and 
	milions of animals go up and down under my bed'"

	"What did the Rabbi do?"

	"He touched his white shave and remained silent 'O rabbi' I said 
	'millions of animals go up and down under my bed when I want to sleep'. 
	Then the  Rabbi said 'Do you know what you can do? Cut the legs of 
	your bed'

	I have had no more problems"

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