Top Nine Parting Gifts They Don't Tell Us About on The Price is Right

	9. All the Arm and Hammer Baking Soda you can carry.

	8. 1998 Calendar of the rejected "Barker's Beauties," known as "Bob's

	7. Ziti!  Ziti!  Ziti!

	6. Year's supply of turtle necks.

	5. Chance to look into Bob Barker's dressing room and to see him shaking -- 
		or is that Diane Parkinson Disease?

	4. $14.00 gift certificate to the place where Rod Roddy shops for

	3. After tour of studio, get to go backstage and rub shoulders with
		Rod's cousin, Nod Naughty.

	2. Leftover "bags of hair" from Letterman show.

	1. Random drawing for a trip into Bob Barker's pants.

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