Post-Nuptial Contract

by W. Bruce Cameron

 Whereas, the aggrieved party (husband) and the aggrieving party (wife) have
 been involved in a long standing dispute, and whereas we're tired of
 arguing over this stuff all the time, and whereas if you'd just listen to
 me you'd see that I'm right,

 Therefore come the parties together in a post-nuptial agreement, which I
 expect you to sign and then there's no need for further discussion.

 Clause One:  Whereas, there is one correct way to arrange the furniture in
 the living room, and whereas the husband's back is still sore from last
 weekend when, after moving the chair into the corner for about half an
 hour, the wife made him carry it back to where it was in the first place,
 it is now understood by both parties that the furniture is in the correct
 arrangement.  There is no need ever to move it again.

 Clause Two:  It seems like the husband just got the Christmas decorations
 put up and now you want them taken down!  So the wife should make up her
 mind.  If the house looks pretty with lights on it, why not leave them up
 for awhile?   The same is true for Halloween decorations, and no, I do not
 think it looks silly to have the scarecrow out there next to Santa Claus.
 I think it looks festive.

 Clause Three:  The wife shouldn't tell the husband that she is fat and then
 get all upset when he suggests ways to lose weight.  The husband is just
 trying to help, for Pete's sake!  And for the record, the husband did NOT
 say you were fat!  YOU said you were fat.  All I did was fail to disagree
 forcefully enough!

 Clause Four:  Whereas the wife already has like thirty-two thousand pairs
 of shoes, that's enough.  The wife should stop buying clothes for which she
 doesn't have appropriate shoes.

 Clause Five:  The wife is allowed one "favorite part" of each movie, and
 that's it.  You can't keep saying "This is my favorite part" in the same
 movie.  And stop asking me what my favorite part is, because the answer is
 "none."  I wanted to watch Die Hard again!

 Clause Six:  Speaking of movies, for every movie with subtitles that the
 wife wants to see, the husband is allowed one movie in which there are car
 chases.  And any time a man and a woman on the screen stare at each other
 without speaking for more than a minute because they're in love but can't
 bear to talk about it for some reason, the husband is allowed to leave the

 Clause Seven:  Whereas, the wife has made abundant and repeated reference
 to the supposed "proper" position of the toilet seat lid, and whereas there
 is no such stated position in the owner's manual, and whereas the family
 dog needs to be able to get water, for crying out loud, the debate about
 the toilet seat lid is now over and the subject need never be mentioned
 again, ever.

 Clause Eight:  The thermostat is not a toy.  The wife has lost her
 thermostat privileges.  From now on, the thermostat will be turned up only
 on days when the husband is cold.

 Clause Nine:  The wife may not cut her hair and then wait for the husband
 to notice it and then get mad when he doesn't.  And THEN get mad when he
 doesn't like the hair cut!  Doesn't it make sense that if I notice you got
 your hair cut, I'm not going to like it?

 Clause Ten:  It is entirely inappropriate to wake someone up to tell him he
 is snoring.  What's he supposed to do about it when he's AWAKE?  And
 there's no concrete evidence that I snore, anyway.  I think you faked that
 tape recording.  If you believe I may be snoring, the proper action is to
 make sure I am entirely comfortable, and then maybe I'll stop.  Instead of
 digging an elbow into my ribs, try fluffing up my pillow.

 Therefore, since the wife is locked in the bedroom and refuses to come out
 and sign this contract, it is deemed automatically in effect, so now
 there's nothing more to argue about.  What's for dinner?

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