Passover Pun

The winter of 1994 was tough on many of Europe's root crops.
A week before Passover the Jewish Community of Madrid found
that the shipment of horseradish it had ordered from Bolivia
would now not arrive until ten days after the Passover
ended. The community needed the horseradish for its
traditional paschal ritual of Marror, but whomever they
tried approaching from among the European suppliers, they received
the same reply:

 "Sorry! No can do."

 In desperation, the Rabbi phoned one of his Yeshiva friends in Tel Aviv -
who happened to be the second cousin of the Mashgiach for Agrexco - and
begged him to organize the despatch of a crate of Israeli horseradish roots,
by air-freight to Madrid. It took the friend a couple of days to organize,
but two days before Passover, a crate of grade A tear-jerking Israeli
horseradish roots was proudly loaded at Ben Gurion Airport onto the El-Al
flight 789 destined for Madrid, Spain and all seemed to be well.

Unfortunately when the Rabbi came to Madrid Airport in order to take the crate
out of Customs, he was informed that an unforseen wildcat strike had just
broken out among the members of the airport's Transport and General Workers
Union after only a small amount had been off-loaded. He was heartsick to
find out that no further shipments would be off-loaded for at least four days.

So you see that's why......

      "the chraine in Spain stayed mainly on the plane!"

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