Pasken & Rabbis Ice Cream

	Pasken and Rabbis ice creams are available in cohens, frozen on a
shtick, or in a plastic Yid-dish. In addition to their up-to-the-mitzvah
selections of ice cream flavors, P&R's also offers such tasty treats as
Tosefloats, Saturdaes, Madua-lo-diet freezes, the tantalizing Bamid-bar,
as well as traditional ice cream Sotahs in a variety of delicious
flavors- the latter, of course, made with Korban-ated water and, if you 
wish, an extra pshat of seltzer.

	And while our competitors may offer a multilayered Goyishe Cup,
remember that only Pasken and Rabbi's features a free sample of any
flavor- which we call Bameh Madlickin'.

	We are proud to continue our old and sacred tradition of serving a
multitude of flavors, a custom which began with the sainted Ga'on of
V'nila (may his memory be a dressing), who first claimed the mitzvah of
Hachnassat ice cream.

     His disciples, known as the Eggnogdim, carried on for generations a
debate with the followers of the Baal Shempaine over which scoop to put
on top. Today, we abide by the decisions of the Ga'on's school, and we 
have adopted his famous slogan, "Talmond Tort K'neggnog Coolime."

Maccabean, Leviticustard, Olive Hashalom, L'chu Vanillcha, Oy Gemalt,
Wailing Walnut, Cherry Bim, Yasher Cocoach, Bubble Gumora, Lemontations,
Chocolitvak, Hanava Bananot, Meshuganougat, Soda & Gomorra, Manishta Nut,
Rachma Nut, Tishba B'Avarian Cream, Moishmallow, Maimonidi (Rumbomb),

Rhubarbanel, Chazalnut, Pear V'Chavod, Citrus D'Achra, Halava-Chomer, Oy
Vey Iz, Mizrachino Cherry, Rashi Road, Balak Berry, Buberry, Lubavitcher
Resberre, Shulamit Spumoni, Zalmond Schacter, Abba Ebanana, Bernard
Malamint, Molly Pecan, Cin'm'n Toff & Mazel Toffe-ee, Cashew Lepesach,

Lehitra Oats, Tzur Marshmalo, Kol HaVodka, Af Al Pecan, Mi Kamocha,
Mizrachi Road, Tora Shebe'al Pear, Chuppapaya, M'lo Kol Ha'aretz Avacado,
Butter Shkotz, Prune Ur'voon, Brand Ice, Olime Habah, Asseret Yummy
Chewvah, Mi Kamarshmallow, Berry Pr'i Hagafen, Britishman Date, Rav
Kooconut, Weizman Instituti-Fruiti, Carmel Shake, ChocEilat Chip, S.Y. Agnog.

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