Old Habits Die Hard

	Dr. Shapiro was a obstetrician/gynecologist for 25 years.  One day, 
	he decided he just couldn't deliver one more baby.

	He was just burned-out, so he decided to completely change professions
	and enrolled in an auto mechanics course to become an auto mechanic.

	After several months he took his final exam and was totally surprised
	when he made a score of 200 on a test with a possible score of 100.
	He thought he had better ask the instructor why such a score.

	The instructor explained "Well, Dr. Shapiro, you correctly disassembled
	the engine for 50 points, and you correctly reassembled the engine for
	another 50 points and I gave you an extra 100 points for doing it all 
	through the muffler!"

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