New York Slanguage

Sneak Us 
Most say tennis shoes

Poppy Wit a Shmear 
Poppy-seed bagel with cream cheese

Less Order a Pie 
I would like to order a pizza

Brooklyn Queens Expressway

L Eye E 
Long Island Expressway

Water between Manhattan and Brooklyn

Opposite of him (Heard on "My Cousin Vinny"

Da Gawdfadda 
Someone you respect and do not cross

Cruise da duce 
Ride on 42nd street

Good Sense a Yuma 
A good sense of humor

Turdy Turdin' Lex 
33rd street and Lexington Avenue

Whadaya Whadaya? 
I am dumbfounded by your audacity

Washda Closendaws 
Warning heard on the subways

New Yawk 
Where we be at

Long GUY Len 
Long Island

Terl It 

Chalk Lit 
Chocolate (Thanks TK)

Surfing the Tunnel 
Bumpy ride on number 4 express

How Awe Ya? 
New York City Greeting

Most say taco

Mixed with vinegar on salads

Yonkiz and Yonkuz 
People from Yonkers

Not my son

Egg Cream 
Seltzer, milk and chocolate

Cawna Fish Treet 
At the corner of fifth street

Someone you don't like

Hawt Dawg Awe da Way 
Hotdog with chili, onions & mustard

Da Bronx 
Only NYC borough that begins with a "D"

Most call her Brenda

People who ticket your car

Stat Nigh Lynn 
Staten Island

Oner Niner 
Take the 1-9 train downtown

Put Ice cream in it

Doily Boyd 
Catches the worm

Pawta Crappa 
Outside convenience toilets

NoHo or SoHo 
Areas north or south of Houston street

Mob'll Roy 
Type of bread (marble rye)

Dah Boat a Yews 
The both of you

Sub sandwich to most (Hoagie in Philly)

Toy Teen 
One less than fourteen

Married your fodder

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