Shopping Song

My Favorite Things ... To Buy

by Abby Smith

	Bargains at Macy's, a sale on at Gimbels.
	Delicate chatchkes, like porcelain thimbles.
	Hand-painted tee-shirts that spread into wings...
	I feel so high when I'm out buying things!
	Bright-colored cookbooks, adorable notecards.
	Bette Midler albums and kitchy hip postcards.
	Stick-'em-up stars that will glow in the night...
	Purchasing endlessly makes me feel right!
	Why deal with troubles when you can go shopping?
	Millions of items to buy, so get hopping!
	Wouldn't that V.C.R. fit in just right?
	Here, buy a Walkman.  Buy two!  They're so light!
	(Bridge) Homeless people, 
	tend to make me sad;
        But then I go shopping and buy myself things, 
	and then I don't

	Go on a spree; you'll feel daring and reckless.
	Maybe a shirt, some new shoes, or a necklace.
	Stay 'way from friendships, they're liable to flop.
	Put on your coat and get out there and shop!
	Friendships take time, you need patience, a large heart.
	Shopping's a snap; you can carry a charge card.
	Pick out some linens, some napkins with rings.
	Go home and cuddle with...some of your things!

	Watching the news makes me restless.  It's boring!
	I'd rather gather more goods that need storing.
	As for relationships, I've had my fill!
	Let me go shopping; it won't make me ill!

	(Ending)Losing lovers, 
	losing friendships, 
	tends to make me pine.
	So what if my shopping will leave me in debt; 
	surrounded with things...I'm...fine !

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