Musical Terminology

     		p - piano (soft) - the neighbours have complained
        	f - forte (loud) - the neighbours are out
		Crescendo - getting louder - testing the neighbours 
			tolerance level
  		ff- fortissmo (VERY loud) - to hell with the neighbours
		pp - pianissimo (VERY soft) - the neighbours are at 
			the door
        	Dim - thick
  		Con moto - I have a car
  		Allegro - A little car
   		Maestro - A bigger car
		Metronome - person small enough to fit comfortably 
			in a Mini
    		Interval - time to meet the other players in the bar
    		Perfect Interval - when the drinks are on the house
   		Con spirito - drunk
 		Soloist - One who is bored
    		Chords - things that organists play with one finger
   		Dischords - things that organists play with two fingers
        	Suspended chord - for hanging the soloist
		Syncopation - bowel condition brought on by an overdose 
			of jazz
  		Professional - anyone who can't hold down a steady job
  		Improvisation - what you do when the music falls down
		Virtuoso - someone who can work wonders with easy play 	
        	Coda - served with chipsa
        	Codetta. - Child's portion
        	Tonic - pick-me-up
        	Fugue - clever stuff
     		Prelude - warm up session before the clever stuff

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