Mt. Sinai Negotiations

	The Hebrew people were sitting aroung Mt. Sinai. You could hear only
	subdued murmur among them, but you could feel the tension in the air: For
	hours now, Moses was on top of the mountain, hidden from their gaze by the
	clouds wafting around its top. Sometimes the clouds became dark and you
	could hear a thunder roling down. In spite of the warm weather this always
	caused a shudder among the waiting mass.

	The end of day was approaching and dusk was beginning to set in when
	suddenly a figure came through the clouds and walked down the steep moutain
	side carrying a heavy load. Moses.

	He set down his load and raised his hands. "Friends," he said, "friends, it
	was hard work and I have done my best. I have negotiated with Him, I used
	every possible argument, every trick I could think of--and I think I was
	successful. The good news is: I brought him down from fifteen to ten. The	
	bad news is: Adultery is still in." 

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