Mideast Politics and The Western Wall

	On the first visit of Mr William Rogers, the US Secretary of State, to
	Israel he indicated to Prime Minister Golda Meir that as a religious 
	man he would like to visit and pray at Judaism's holiest site, the 
	Western Wall.  Recognizing the importance of such a gesture to Israelis, 
	Golda readily agreed.  

	As they neared the Wall Mr Rogers asked Golda whether G-d really would 
	hear his prayers.  Golda asked him what he was going to pray for.  
	Replied Rogers "I will pray for World peace".

	"Go ahead" replied Golda pleased at the choice of prayer,  "G-d is surely

	After a few minutes of prayer Rogers returned to Golda.  "Are you sure G-d
	is still listening?" he asked.

	"What are you praying for now" asked Golda.

	"Now I am praying for peace in the Middle East" replied Rogers.
	Obviously pleased with the more focused request, Golda once again 
	reassured the doubting Mr Rogers that G-d was most definitely hearing 
	his prayer.

	After a few more minutes Rogers again turned to Golda for more reassurance
	that his line was still open to Heaven.

	"What are you praying for now" asked Golda.
	"Now I am praying that the Arabs will soon make peace with Israel" replied

	Now, becoming even more enthusiastic with her guest's Heavenly request,
	Golda once again convinced Rogers that his prayers were most certainly
	reaching straight to their intended destination.

	Several more minutes passed and Rogers once again turned to Golda for
	further reassurance.

	What are you praying for now" asked Golda.

	"Now I am praying that Israel will speedily withdraw to the pre-1967
	borders in order to placate the Arabs" replied Rogers.

	Replied the shocked Golda.  "Quit wasting your time, you are just talking
	to the wall!"

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