Mary's Sadness

	John Paul II died and went to heaven. St Peter met him at the gate and
	said: "John Paul, you did such a wonderful job for us on earth, we'd like
	to do something special for you. You name it; it's yours."

	John Paul thought for a moment and said: "I'd like a private audience with
	the Holy Mother." St Peter told him it would be arranged.

	On the appointed day, St Peter escorted John Paul to the Holy Mother's
	sanctuary. John Paul went before Her, knelt, and said:

	"Holy Mother, I've always looked to You for guidance, and You have granted
	me peace and serenity through some difficult times. But I have one question
	that has nagged me during my whole time on earth. In all the paintings that
	were done of you, and in all the sculptures that were carved of you, you
	always looked so sad. Why is that?"
	Mary thought for a moment, pursing her lips. Then she said: "I always
	wanted a girl."

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