Mammeleh Goose

Nursery Rhymes For Jews

	Mashie has a little mind
	     Little mind, little mind
	When it comes to Mashie's mind
	     There's little she need know
	Teach her how to cook and clean
	     Cook and clean, cook and clean
	Teach her how to cook and clean
	     And watch her children grow
	Baa, baa, black hat
	     Have you any gelt
	Yessir, yessir
	     I've a money belt
	Some for my family
	     And some for the poor
	But none for the tax man who knocks at my door
	     There stands a Yid'l
	Sanctifying the moon
	     Tomorrow he'll shiver
	Kneel down by the river
	     And dip in two plates and a spoon
	Little Moshe Yoel
	     Sat in a kollel
	Learning his Pe'ah and Demai
	     His wife works all day
	While he shteigs away
	     And thinks, What a smart boy am I
	Halivni-Weissni sat on a wall
	     Couldn't decide on which side to fall
	All the frum soldiers in Tziv'os Hashem
	     Couldn't convince him to be one of them
	Rabbi Plott would eat what's glatt
	     His wife ate Triangle-K
	Their kids did not know what to eat
	     And so they ran away
	Three tiny bugs
	     Three tiny bugs
	See how they run
	     See how they run
	They live in lettuce and broccoli
	     In cauliflower they hide from me
	My microscope makes them clear to see
	     The three tiny bugs
	Three tiny bugs
	Sing a song of past tense
	     Of Jewish days gone by
	When we lived in Europe
	     Nobody was frei
	When the ghettoes opened
	     Off maskilim ran
	But the shtetl always stayed
	     A Torah wonderland
	Everyone knew Torah
	     Loved it more than money
	No one had to work in that
	     Land of Milk and Honey
	And though we're now in Golus
	     In an Age that's Dark
	We'll try to rebuild Poland
	     Here in Borough Park
	Little Miss Alpert
	     Sat in an airport
	That was her first shidduch date
	     She thought the guy wore a very nice tie
	The chasenoh is Sunday at eight

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