Leftover 1999 Israeli-Election Stickers and Signs

"Bye-Bye, Bibi."

"Israel wants change.  But we prefer bills, if you have any."

"Vote Likud:  Because we'd all love another four years of anxiety, economic
downturn, bad relations with the U.S., and divisions within our community."

"Vote Likud or we'll have to put Arik Sharon in charge."

"Vote 'One Isreal' (Labor) because Arafat prefers us."

"Vote 'One Israel'.  Our guy was Bibi's commander and has more medals."

"Vote 'One Israel'.  We've hired the best political consultants the White
House could afford us."

"Vote Merkaz (Center):  We have four top guys, none of whom has a clue or a
platform.  But at least we're not the other two main parties."

"Vote Merkaz:  Hey, if H. Ross Perot can do it, so can we!"

"Meretz:  Exit Left.  Shas:  Exit Right."

"Vote for Shas because our spiritual leader looks like a mobster and our
political leader was convited of corruption."

"Vote for Israel Ba'Aliyah because we don't actually state our position
until we are in a position to bargain."

"Vote for the Ultra-national right wing coalition because living in paranoia
is fun."

"The Pot Party will take you higher."

"The Casino Party ... don't gamble on it, but we might win a few seats!"

"Hadash:  We're Israeli-Arabs.  So we're probably more like you than the
other 31 parties.  Besides, Miss Israel 1999 is an Israeli-Arab."

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