Junk Mail

	I opened the mail this morning.  I had a stack of junk mail, and
	everything is  frustrating.  

	Then I found it, a postage paid return envelope.  I feel much better
	now, I mailed it and the postman just picked it up.  All these 
	concerned folk wanted me to read their stuff and I figured the folks 
	who sent the postage paid envelope were wanting something.  So I 
	stuffed the other junk mail in the envelope and sent it back to them! 
	Had trouble closing it so I used cellophane tape, wrapped around it 
	like a package.  Since I had a handful of old steel washers in my 
	shop, well they may need them too, so I put em in the envelope. 
	Made it quite heavy.  

	I feel better somehow :)

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