Marriage Counseling

	A man came to the rabbi. 

	"Rabbi, my wife drives me nuts, I can live with her anymore"

	"OK", says the Rabbi, "you have to get divorced".

	"But Rabbi", cried the man, "I love her so much.."

	"So stay together" said the rabbi.

	"But everytime I come home we start fighting, it can't go on this way!"

	"So get divorce"

	"But what about the kids, I can't live without my childern"

	"So stay together" said the rabbi.

	"But our common life is a hell" said the man.

	"You know what?" said the Rabbi, "Become a Christian"

	The man was shocked.
	"WHAT???? How will that solve the problem??"

	"It won't." answered the Rabbi, "But then you'll drive the priest nuts" 

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