Old Friends

	On a sunny Shabboth afternoon in Miami Beach, two old friends met 
	for the first time in years. After exchange of the usual amenities, 
	as they sat on a beachfront bench, Jacob's expression grew somber, 
	and he said, "Shmuel, people are telling me you don't go to shul 
	any more. Can it be true that you no longer believe in G-d?" 

	Shmuel looked uncomfortable, and hurriedly changed the subject. 

	The next afternoon, the old friends met on the beach again.  "You
	must tell me, Shmuel," he said, "Don't you believe in our G-d any 

	Shmuel replied, "Here is a straight answer to a straight question. 
	No, I don't." 

	Jacob asked, "Why didn't you tell me that yesterday?' 

	Shmuel, deeply shocked, exclaimed, "G-d forbid - on Shabboth?"

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