Years ago most hospitals were known for their "TLC" (Tender
  	Loving Care).  Well, I guess most still are, except now, TLC
  	means Take Lottsa Cash.

	My sister-in-law, Clara, wanted to see if she could get some
  	information on my condition after I had had a mild heart attack.
  	She asked the duty Nurse if I was making any progress.
    	"Not in the least." the Nurse replied, "He's not my type."
                                - - - - -

	When I was in Howard County General I kind-of took-up a habit
  	of flirting with this one particular lil' Nurse.  One morning I
  	told her I wished I could stay longer as I enjoyed our banter.
    	She said, "You may just get your wish.  My boyfriend, the Ward
  	Doctor, heard you flirting with me yesterday."

	Mrs JimJr kept her sense of humor while she was in the hospital
  	for a very serious condition. She could only be fed intravenously,
  	which isn't very pleasant at all.  She asked the Nurse if she could 
	have a couple of extra bottles this one day.  The Nurse asked her 
	"Whatever for ?"  She kinda giggled and said, "I'm having people 
	over for lunch."

	At a Prima Care Clinic in Wylie Texas, an older woman found one
  	reason or another to visit daily.  She had few friends and liked
  	to chat with the Doctors and Nurses.  They in turn treated all
  	of her medical complaints with seeming concern and compassion.
    	Showing up one afternoon, after being absent for over a week,
  	a Nurse asked her why she hadn't been there in so long.
    	The lady responded, "I've been sick all week."

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