Once Upon a Time (Hillary a Closet Conservative?)

By Harry J. Herder, Jr.

	What may seem like a long time ago to some of the assembled here in this
	nation there was a contest for the Presidency of our nation between a
	rather conservative Senator from Arizona named Goldwater, and a Democrat
	who had once been a Senator from Texas and who, more recently, had been
	the Vice President.  He had been made President by the demise of the man
	who held the office.  For those of us who remember those days, the
	campaign reached some heights of one kind and another.  The incumbent,
	the Democrat, quickly realized the standings and backed away from
	everything except an occasional joke tossed off in the direction of his
	very conservative opponent.

	It turned out that Lyndon Baines Johnson not only won that election, he
	literally wiped out his opponent Barry Goldwater.  It was embarrassing
	to those in the conservative camp:  Johnson achieving victory, while
	virtually ignoring his opponent.  The conservatives were driven quietly
	into a corner where they were allowed to lick their wounds and set up a
	recovery program.

	There was in a suburb of Chicago in those days a young lady who worked
	ardently for the Goldwater campaign.  She was an intelligent young lady,
	and, if memory serves me properly was in her late years of high school.
	Having had these past years to study the deportment and attitudes of
	that lady, it becomes evident how much she was hurt by the loss of her
	favorite.  One can picture her swearing to settle the score some day.
	She sat back and bided her time, but she would never forgive the
	liberals for what they did to her man.  She would get even.

	Being more than able academically, she made her way through school,
	through college, through the law school at the Fool Factory, and while
	there, found the instrument that would serve her in avenging the
	conservative defeat.  She was just a bit on the plain side when it came
	to attractiveness so she played her cards carefully, pretending not to
	care about looks, pretending looks were not important in the whole
	scheme.  She set her sights on a target, and she won.  The target
	proposed to her and she married him.  Then she became even cleverer,
	Her intelligence carried the day.  Her collected husband had all of the
	thespian-like talents that were needed to hoodwink any population into
	electing him to various and sundry positions.  The one step taken which
	was a loss made her change some of her tactics, but she was successful,
	and the situation was righted and continued.  She promoted the natural
	talents of her mate, and success piled upon success.  The man was
	eventually elected to be the President of our nation.
	It was a part of her plan from the beginning.  She was now in a position
	to bring her whole scheme to a climax.  She led her beguiling husband
	down another primrose path, holding a sword over his head, the sword of
	displaying what the husband truly was, and dumping him on the trash heap
	of history.  She wanted more than the destruction of one man.  That man
	was attempting to destroy himself, and she had to keep that from
	happening because her plan went beyond that simple achievement.

	Bit by bit, she contributed to the picture her husband was painting of
	himself for history, always on the alert to keep events from coming to a
	premature head.  Publicly forgiving her husband for any number of
	peccadilloes that she honestly didn't give a hoot about.  She played the
	role of the aggrieved wife, quietly and with enough pathos to gather in
	a large collection of sympathizers.  She needed do nothing to encourage
	her husband to act as foolishly, as stupidly, as he did.  That part of
	it came naturally.  She need only spectate.

	As she knew it would, the activities of her husband attracted a great
	deal of negative attention, and she assisted him in organizing a clan
	for the protection of his glorious self.  She did it by over organizing
	that clan.  Inducing that clan to overachieve in their protective

	This is where we are at the moment.  The members of the media about to
	lead the population into the full realization of what the liberals as
	deceived by WJC collectively are up to.  She has forced our eyes to all
	of the desires of those liberals of our nation and exposed them for what
	they are.

	Hillary is on the verge of success.  When the media has finished with
	her husband, when the Congress tops that achievement off, when her
	husband departs his place in society in shame and humiliation, she will
	have won.  She will have set the Democratic Party and their liberal
	strength back for a long time.  She will have accomplished her goal from
	all of those years ago, she will have destroyed the efforts of the
	liberal faction of our nation for some time to come.

	Hillary Rodham Clinton is about to reach her goal set all those years
	ago when the liberals so decisively embarrassed her Barry Goldwater.
	She is about to destroy the liberals.

	Gloriosky!!!  Way to go, Hillary.

	Copyright 1998 by Baja Arizona Publishing Company

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