He vs. She

 	The family picture is on HIS desk: Ah, solid, responsible family 
 	The family picture is on HER desk: Her family will come before 
		her career 

 	HIS desk is cluttered: He's obviously a hard worker and busy man
 	HER desk is cluttered: She's obviously a disorganised scatterbrain 

 	HE is talking with his co-workers: He must be discussing the latest 
 	SHE is talking with her co-workers: She must be gossiping 

 	HE's not at his desk: HE must be in the meeting
 	SHE's not at her desk: She must be in the ladies' room 

 	HE's not in the office: He's meeting customers
 	SHE's not in the office: She must be out shopping 

 	HE's having lunch with the boss: He's on the way up
 	SHE's having lunch with the boss: They must be having an affair 

 	The boss criticised HIM: He'll improve his performance
 	The boss criticised HER: She'll be very upset 

 	HE got an unfair deal: Did he get worried?
 	SHE got an unfair deal: Did she cry? 

 	HE's getting married: He'll get more settled
 	SHE's getting married: She'll get pregnant and leave 

 	HE's having a baby: He'll need a raise
 	SHE's having a baby: She'll cost the company money in maternity 

 	HE's going on a business trip: It's good for his career
 	SHE's going on a business trip: What will her husband say? 

 	HE's looking for a better job: He knows how to recognize a good 
 	SHE's leaving for a better job: Women are not dependable 

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