Have a Nice Day!

by Lee Daniel Quinn

	How about the obsequious phrase "Have a nice day!" It is so phoney
	it makes me angry.  What's the matter with a simple "Thank you?"

	Perhaps you readers have some better retorts than the few
	I use, and I'd like to compile them if you will send them
	to me at words@iop.com


	[1] No thanks! I have other plans.
	[2] OK, I'll take the day -- and YOU can have the rest
	        of the week!
	[3] Why are you so cheap! What about next few days --
	        or the rest of the month -- or year?
	[4] Look, I'll take the day, but I can't promise that
	        it will be NICE so, if I don't enjoy it --
	        please don't be dissapointed!

	I suggest that perhaps the PC phrase should be:
        Have a nice life!

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