Hadassah in the Afterlife

	A tour bus with 30 Hadassah ladies aboard turned over and all were speedily 
	dispatched to heaven. On their arival one of the admitting angels wouldn't let 
	them in. He told them that the admitting computers were down so they would 
	just have to wait.

	At that moment G-D intervened and said that he would speak to Satan to see if 
	they could be temporarily housed in his domain until they could correct the 
	computer error. Sure enough room was found and they all went down to their new 
	temporary quarters.

	A few hours later G-d receives an urgent telephone call from Satan who tells 
	him that he must take the Hadassah woman off his hands. "What's the problem?" 
	G-d asks.

	Satan replies, "These Hadassah women are ruining my set-up. They have been down 
	here only a few hours and already they have raised $100,000 for a new air 
	conditioning system."

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