Grammar Police

from the "Metropolitan Diary" section of the NY TIMES (June 1, 1998)

	Visiting an editor at Random House, I stepped into a crowded elevator and found 
	myself pressed close to the control panel.

	"Has everyone got their floors?" I asked.  

	After a moment's silence, a young female voice from the rear said, "His or her."

	"I beg your pardon?" I said.

	"His or her.  It's 'Has everyone got his or her floors?'  Your pronouns don't 

	"And shouldn't it be 'his or her floor', not 'floors'?" a young man piped up.  
	"Each of us gets off at only one floor."

	"And wouldn't it be better to say 'Does everybody have?' rather than 'Has 
	everybody got?'" a third voice chimed in.

	I stood corrected - and red faced.  But I was glad to know that good grammar is 
	alive and well.

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