For Whom the Bell Tolls

About a century ago, in a small European rural town there was a chapel 
with wonderful sounding chimes.  These very chimes had called parishoners 
to service for many, many years.  One wintery night there was a heavy 
lightening storm; and, as luck would have it a bolt of lightening struck 
the bells.

The next morning the monks saw a large crack in one of the bells.  They 
could not afford a new bell but one of the priests said that he knew of 
a smith in a nearbye town.  The only problem was that the smith was 
Jewish, but he had a good reputation for his work.  They decided to let 
the Jewish smith repair their bell.  They lowered the bell into the cart 
and had the ox pull the cart to the town.  They introduced themselves 
and identified the problem.

The Jewish bell maker said, "Nooo Problem!"  Come back in a week and I 
shall have your bell looking like new.  A week had passed, the priests 
returned and were shown their bell.  It was beautiful!  It looked as 
good as new.  The priests paid the man, put the bell back onto the cart, 
took it to the church and with some help they hoisted the bell to the top 
of the tower.  It now joined the other bell that was still there.  

The  priests waited until Sunday to ring the repaired bell.  Early in 
the morning, it was time to summon the parishoners to prayers so one of 
the priest took up the rope to the bells and began ringing the bells.  
It was a beautiful morning and slightly cool in the air and throughout 
the  country side rang the beautiful sound of the bells ... 
GOyemmmmmmmm, Goyemmmmmm, Goyemmmmm.

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