Light Flight

	London, England -- Given a choice of two flights from New York, Stuart
	Pike figured the later one might be less crowded -- and how.

	Pike was the only passenger Sunday aboard a British Airways Boeing 747
	flight from New York.

	"The captain even let me sit on the flight deck when we landed.  It was
	terrific," Pike said at London's Heathrow airport.

	Pike -- who sat in the first class section of the 420-seat plane -- said
	two British Airways flights were leaving New York and his was supposed
	to be first.  When it was delayed while a fault was fixed, the
	passengers were transferred to the other flight.

	"I wasn't in any hurry and didn't mind hanging around so I thought I'd
	wait," said Pike, who lives in the London suburb of Kingston.  "I
	thought there would be more space on this flight."

WhiteBoard News for Monday, March 31, 1997

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