Dog Just Wants Humane Treatment -- Dog Sues Owner

	Perro, Texas (DE) -- In a stunning and unprecedented case, a dog has
	filed a lawsuit against its owner.  With the lawsuit, the dog is hoping
	to 'divorce' its owner and receive compensation for pain and suffering.

	"Ruff, ruff.  Bark, bark," the dog told us in an exclusive interview.
	While we were not able to understand what the dog was trying to say, its
	lawyer was more than happy to translate.  "Fido (the dog) just wants the
	care and respect it deserves and I don't think two million is too much
	to ask," said lawyer Sam Swindi.

	The dog's owner who wishes to remain anonymous is outraged at this
	lawsuit.  "I can't believe this happened and especially that the judge
	is allowing this to happen.  At first I thought it was a joke, but now
	it is not so funny," stated the owner.

	The dog is no longer in the possession of its owner, but is in the
	possession of a state agency worker assigned to the case.  The lawsuit
	claims that Fido was inhumanely treated by not receiving meals exactly
	on time, never getting a doggie treat, having to go to bathroom outside
	and in the cold.  It also claims that it was subjected to torture on
	numerous occasions when the owner attempted to bathe the dog and when
	taking it to the veterinarian.

	The lawyer says his client deserves at least two million and a ‘divorce’
	from the owner.  "Of course Fido cannot handle any settlement, so I will
	be in charge of any money from a settlement," said Swindi.

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