Canine Bar Mitzvah

	There was once a man who wanted to make a bar mitzvah for his 
	dog.  He decided that he would consult his Orthodox Rabbi and 
	seek his advice. 

	The Rabbi said "Are you crazy!!! a Bar Mitzvah for a dog."

	The man replied, "Yes, Rabbi.  He has been part of my family 
	for thirteen years" 

	The rabbi said, "I'm sorry.  I can't do this for you" 

	The man continued and went along to a conservative rabbi and 
	the rabbi responded in the same way "I can't do a Bar Mitzvah 
	for a dog".

	The man went ahead and asked his local Reform Rabbi if he 
	would do the Bar Mitzvah for him.  The Rabbi said, "Listen, 
	we do a lot of crazy things around here but a Bar Mitzvah for 
	a dog is absurd" 

	The frustrated man responded, "Rabbi, I'll give you $18,000 
	to do this for me......Please..!!!" The Rabbi quickly shot 
	his head around and said "You never told me the dog was 

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