DNA Personal Ads

I've been single-stranded too long! Lonely ATGCATG would like to pair up with 
congenial TACGTAC. 

Menage a trois! Ligand seeks two receptors into binding and mutual
phosphorylation. Let's get together and transduce some signals. 

Some dates have called me a promotor. Others have referred to me as a real
operator. Personally, I think I'm just a cute piece of DNA who is still
looking for that special transcription factor to help me unwind. 

Highly sensitive, orally active small molecule seeks stable well-structured
receptor who knows size isn't everything. 

There must be a rational way to meet a date! I'm tired of hanging out in
those molecular diversity bars, hoping to randomly bump into the right
peptide. I want a molecule that will fit right into my active site and really
turn me on. I'll send you my crystal structure if you send me yours! 

Gene therapy graduate. After years of producing nothing but gibberish, I've
shed my introns and am ready to express my exons. All I need is a cute vector
to introduce me to the right host. 

My RNA, I'm sorry I misread your UAAUAAUAA and inserted three tyrosines when
you repeatedly asked me to stop. Something got lost in the translation.
Please forgive me. 

Naked DNA with sticky ends seeks kanamycin-resistant plasmid. EcoR1 sites

Uninhibited virus seeks reason to make me shed my coat protein. 

This very selective oliogonucleotide has been probing for just the right
target for long term hybridization. 

Mature cell seeks same who still enjoys cycling and won't go apoptotic on me.
Let's fight senescence together! 

I'm a prolific progenitor with great potential for growth and self-renewal.
Call me if you're a potent hematopoietic factor who still believes in endless
nights of colony stimulation. 

I don't always express myself on the surface, but I'm looking for a signal
that you appreciate my complexity. Send me the right message that will
penetrate my membranes, turn on my protein expression and release my
potential energy. 

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