The Top 15 Signs Your Co-Worker's Jewish Holiday Wasn't Strictly Observed

	15. Telltale mouse ears on his new "yarmulke."

	14. Sun worshipping appears to be the only thing accomplished that was 
		even remotely religious.

	13. Thinks that the Torah is something you wear to a frat party.

	12. Comes back wearing a "Club Med: The Sea may be Dead, but not the 
		night-life!" T-shirt.

	11. You happen to know there are no High Holy Day services at Santa Anita

	10. Kareem in Accounting keeps calling it "Yom Shakur."

	9. As far as you know, circumcisions don't "grow back."

	8. Doesn't know the difference between Hebrew and Home-brew.

	7. She's complaining that Kathie Lee isn't really on all Carnival Cruises.

	6. Claims he was observing "Chaka Khan."

	5. Menorah on his desk displays three sleeves worth of golf balls.
	4. Thinks "Rosh Hashanah" is a song by The Knack.

	3. His yarmulke has two cans of beer and a drinking straw.

	2. "And if the rabbi sees his shadow when he comes out of the temple, 
		there'll be four more months of summer."

	and the Number 1 Sign Your Co-Worker's Jewish Holiday Wasn't Strictly 

	1. Took off all of LAST month for Ramadan.

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