As appeared in the "Metropolitan Diary" segment of the NY TIMES on May 25, 1998 (page B2)

	Dear Diary:

	One day recently at [New York City's] Kennedy International Airport, my 
	aunt, a nun dressed in lay clothes, was returning from a conference in 
	Madrid.  She had only a short time before catching her connecting flight, 
	and she hadn't eaten in several hours

	She bought a snack-sized package of cookies and hurriedly proceeded to a 
	small stand-up table to enjoy them.  A neatly dressed man, about 50, was 
	also at the table.

	She took a cookie from the pristine package and the man also helped himself 
	to one.  Well, she thought, he's a bit forward, even for a New Yorker, but 
	she offered him a second cookie as she took another.  He accepted and took 
	two, and then politely asked her if she would like the last one.

	My aunt figured that although he didn't look destitute, he must be needy, so 
	she left the last cookie for him and ran to catch her flight.

	After takeoff, she reached into her bag for her book.  Out came her unopened 
	package of cookies.

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