How to Make a Seder Out of Chinese Food

(It Can Be Done!)

by Jessica and Melissa

	The matzah: 
	       	There are a number of things that could if you think about it could
		replace matzah for example those scallion pancakes theyre even 
		flatter than the matzah.  How about fortune cookies they're 
		especially good for the afikoman plus you dont need to give the 
		kids money there reward is the fortune also if they come prewrapped 
		they're not messy at all when they're hidden.  

	The seder plate: 
     		First of all there are five components to the seder plate the egg,
		shank bone, bitter herbs, parsley and haroseth.   When you order a 
		meal you can order fried rice and or egg drop soup.  Fried rice 
		always contains a little egg not much but just enough for your 
		seder. The soup well just look what type it is.  Next we have the 
		shank bone, which can easily be replaced by spare ribs (just as for 
		beef).   Now the bitter herbs, to get the bitter herbs just ask them 
		to make the dishes you order extra spicy to get the effect of 
		bitterness.  Parsley is probably the easiest to replace, just order 
		steamed vegetables or some meal consisting of broccoli or snow
		peas.  Now onto the most difficult of them all haroseth.  Well 
		haroseth contains nuts which can be found in a number of dishes as 
		can some form of liquor, but the only sad part is if the restaurant 
		doesnt have anything with apples buy a few at your local food store.  
		Now onto an object not always considered part of the seder plate, 
		saltwater.  I'm almost certain that the ingredients of soy sauce 
		contain a little water and tons of salt.  Plus it also tastes better 
		with the green vegetable.

	Other traditions:
      		The wine. How can anyone have a seder without wine?  Well with a
		Chinese dinner you can either buy your wine at a store or order a 
		dish with liquor in it, its that easy.  The cup of Eyleeyohu can be 
		filled with either store bought wine or just take the sauce from 
		the dish and pour it into the cup. But I'm sure most people prefer 
		the store bought one.  

		Washing the hands just simply request either a steaming hot towel 
		or a wet towel in a package.  

		For the plagues just dip your finger into either the wine or the 
		sauce of the dishes you have preordered.  

		For the bitter herbs just try to eat one of those extremely hot 
		peppers they give you, if you even eat a little youve fulfilled your 
		duty for that year!  For the other combinations just use the above 
		suggested cedar and put them together accordingly.

     		It wont hurt to try this a few times, hey you might even enjoy it
		more. Just remember two things one make sure you do other parts of 
		the service even if not mentioned, and two dont forget to tip the 
		delivery guy!

	Good Luck On Your Seder!