Oy Am I Thirsty

		It's the 6 am bus and real quiet. All of a sudden, an old 
		bubbeh yells out "Oy am I thirsty!"  "Oy am I thirsty!" 
		"Oy am I thirsty!" And she goes on and on and on at the top 
		of her lungs.
		The sleepy passengers beg the bus driver to stop at the next 
		corner and get the kvetch a drink already!

		So he does. "Here lady! Drink up! And shut up!"
		She drinks the drink. The bus moves on. The passengers nod off 
		again or peek into their newspapers, happy the old bubbeh is 
		quiet.   All of a sudden they hear....
		"Oy WAS I thirsty!"   "Oy, was I thirsty!"

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