Bubbe's Medicine

	In the middle of a grand theatrical performance one of the leading
	actors collapses, groaning, on stage. Responding to anxious requests 
	for help from the manager a concerned huddle soon develops around 
	him consisting, among others, of not a few eminent physicians who 
	happen to be present in the auditorium. As they cluster round 
	discussing possible diagnoses and treatments and the audience looks 
	on enthralled, a voice rings out from the balcony:

	"Give him chicken soup!"

	The figures on stage pay no attention and carry on with their
	deliberations. For a second time the voice cries out:

	"Give him some chicken soup!"

	The discussions on stage continue, perhaps becoming somewhat more
	heated, and more urgent. For a third time, louder than before, the 
	voice comes:

	"Give the poor man some chicken soup!"

	Exasperated, one of the figures on stage turns and addresses the 
	source of the voice, a small wizened Jewish grandmother:

	"My good woman", he says, "This man is gravely ill. What on earth 
	could possibly be the benefit to him of plying him with chicken soup?"

	All eyes turn to hear her response.

	"And what harm?"

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