The Queen's English vs. Queens English

Taken from "Metropolitan Diary" by Ron Alexander
NY TIMES Wednesday, December 3, 1997; page B3

	Dear Diary:
		An illustration of translation difficulties between the Queen's 
		English and Queens English.

	THE SCENE: 51st Street/Lexington Avenue subway station, a recent 
		evening rush hour.  The escalator down to the E/F platform 
		is broken, causing a huge backup into the corridor from 
		the platform.

		The crowd, about 10 people across, stretches to about 
		150 people.

	THE PLAYERS: A young British couple and a New York City police 

	BRITISH GENT, gazing incredulously and gesturing towards line:  
		"Is this the queue?"

	OFFICER: "The Q?  No, it's the E/F.  For the Q, you got to go to
		Rockefeller Center."	

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